The scale to serve the pros

Scrap metal recycling equipment for any-size job

No matter the size of your project, we have the metal recycling equipment and expertise to be your recycling partner. We continually invest in professional-grade machinery and tools, and that’s why we never have to say “No” to the items that come across our scale, or to requests from mills.

Large Fleet of Trucks & Trailers

Our professional, uniformed drivers operate clean, well-maintained trucks. With a fleet of dump trailers, flat beds, tin scows and walking floors, we can serve any size job — often with a 24-hour turnaround.

On-Site Container Service

Keep your shop, yard or job site clean and organized with one of our tote boxes, roll-offs or lugger bins. They come in a number of sizes ranging from 8 to 65 cubic yards and are available for short-term and long-term use.

Electronic Scales

Our electronic truck scales, floor scales, loader scales and conveyor scales provide precise information in Manitoba’s tough conditions. Integrity has been the backbone of our business for 100 years, so you can count on us for accurate measurement.

Liebherr material-handling crane

Mobile Steel Shears and Material Handlers

Visit our yard on Messier, and you’ll see our steel shears and Liebherr material handlers working from dawn until dusk to sort scrap metal into furnace-ready bundles for mills and smelters. Our skilled operators have worked for us for many years, and they are now teaching the craft to the next generation of metal recyclers — their kids.

In-Ground Hydraulic Baler

Our Harris HRB two ram baler keeps our facility running efficiently. As the largest-constructed two ram baler with the fastest cycle time of its class, it can turn a high volume of aluminum, steel, tin and other non-ferrous metals into furnace-ready bales.

Hydraulic Briquetter

Our hydraulic briquetter turns non-ferrous metals such as copper wire, copper tubing and other light-gauge scrap metals into small, easy-to-handle bricks that are ready for foundries. This process reduces the volume of scrap metal by as much as 20-to-1.

Mobile Automobile Presses

When a car reaches its end of life, bring it here. Our Al-jon mobile automobile press can turn an end-of-life vehicle (ELV) into a low-density log or soft bale in about one minute. Through logging, we can make ELVs more convenient and cost-effective for transportation to mills. Because it’s mobile, our baler can serve remote sites and reduce your transportation costs.

Al Jon impact car crusher

Mobile Steel Balers

Our steel baler turns clean, homogeneous steel scrap metal into high-density bales that are ready for mills and foundries. Because it’s mobile, our steel baler can get to work in any yard and doesn’t require a foundation. Bring it to your job site to reduce transportation costs.

Handheld Metal Anaylzer

Our handheld metal analyzer lets us separate materials of low and higher values with alloy grades. It works in all conditions and helps us ensure that buyers at mills and foundries receive the correct quality of scrap metal.

Wendt Model M6090 shredder

Automobile Shredder

Our Wendt M6090 shreds automobiles, light iron, various grades of aluminum and a variety of other types of metal. Every hour, it can turn 60 tonnes of unwanted scrap metal into premium-quality shred. Wendt’s equipment is also the best when it comes to the liberation of non-ferrous metals, meaning our buyers can count on us for clean, quality scrap.

Radiation Detection System

Metal can be contaminated with radioactive sources when it escapes from regulatory control, or when it is involved in industrial processes such as oil and gas drilling. To prevent radioactive materials from entering the recycling process, our system alerts us when a vehicle containing radioactive material drives onto our weigh scale.

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