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Serving the stewards of scrap metal

It’s our mission to provide the best service

We’re here to serve the stewards of scrap metal. They’re the people who get their hands dirty salvaging materials others overlook, who clean up what others leave behind, who stay late to divert a truckload of scrap from the landfill. They’re people like you.

The stewards of scrap metal don’t ask for special treatment, but we think you deserve it.

We opened our first scrap yard on Derby Street in Winnipeg 100 years ago. The scrap metal business has changed a lot in a century, but one thing remains the same: nothing can replace the value of real people serving real people. That’s why we deliver special treatment through personalized service. For some customers, that means fast pick-ups at a busy job site. For others, it means tickets to their favourite event.

Your work is important. We’re here to do whatever we can to make it a little easier.

Recycling any metal that comes across the scale

“No” is not in our vocabulary. We try to find a way to recycle anything our customers put on our weigh scale. And if you need container service, a site clean-up or professional-grade equipment to turn your scrap metal into cash, we’ve got it. The scrap metal business can be a dirty job, but when the end result is a cleaner world, we get to work.

Working with Industrial Metals is about more than top-of-the-line metal recycling equipment and attentive customer service — it’s about a commitment. When you’re committed to metal recycling, we’re committed to you.

Serving customers of any size, in any industry

We serve large enterprises, small- to medium-sized businesses, owner-operators, farmers, professional scrappers, site owners, dealers, consolidators and homeowners in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Give us a call today to see how we can support your recycling initiatives.

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